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Introducing the Sylvia Earle, a floating ambassador for the planet

Aurora Expeditions honour renowned marine biologist, oceanographer and explorer,
Dr. Sylvia Earle with their new purpose-built ship

The Sylvia Earle: designed for discovery

Ever since Aurora Expeditions took their first group to Antarctica in 1991, they have continued to offer small group voyages and innovative itineraries to anyone who steps aboard. Almost 31 years later, the new Sylvia Earle is no exception.

Setting sail in November 2022, the new purpose-built Sylvia Earle is named after the esteemed marine biologist, oceanographer and explorer, Dr Sylvia Earle. The ship will take its inaugural voyage, the Subantarctic Safari to the wildlife havens of South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. The 17-day maiden voyage to the Subantarctic Islands offers a real opportunity to explore with like-minded travellers, going to some of the most remote, unique and spectacular places on the planet.

Dr Earle says, “travelling with Aurora Expeditions on the Sylvia Earle will be an incredible opportunity for people to learn about the planet’s extraordinary marine habitats and the importance of protecting them.”

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The perfect choice for adventurous travellers

Unlike other adventure travel companies, Aurora Expeditions is known for offering smaller, more intimate voyages, providing travellers with a bespoke experience filled with optional activity programmes. In true expedition style, Aurora encourages travellers to make the most of their experience by embracing the additional activities on offer, including scuba diving, snorkelling and sea kayaking as well as alpine trekking and climbing, all of which take place in some of the most awe-inspiring destinations on Earth.

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Explore effortlessly

Travellers will be able to explore in comfort, using the ship as a base to come back to. Aurora’s expert guides will be able to assess the conditions at each landing and give travellers the option to join whenever conditions allow.

As well as offering adventure and exploration, the Sylvia Earle provides modern, spacious accommodation, maximising relaxation and comfort: every stateroom onboard has an ocean view and nearly all have balconies. The ship also possesses a unique two-level glass atrium lounge in the bow, a modern lecture lounge, two restaurants serving excellent cuisine, and a swimming pool among plenty of other useful amenities.

Following her maiden voyage, the Sylvia Earle will continue her inaugural season on several voyages to Antarctica, followed by Costa Rica, the Canadian Arctic, Norway, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland and Scotland.

In line with Aurora’s ongoing commitment to responsible, respectful travel, they will also be running a special Antarctic Climate Expedition in February 2023 led by Dr Earle. This impactful voyage has limited staterooms left, available upon application before June 30.

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