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How to watch BBC Earth in virtual reality

A virtual reality experience has been launched, inspired by Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II.

Published: March 12, 2018 at 11:02 am
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Sea otters feature in the VR app © BBC Earth: Life in VR


Google has teamed up with BBC Worldwide to bring an innovative and immersive app that allows users to enter a real-time world beneath the seas.

Created by game studio Preloaded with a team at BBC Studios, the VR experience features a range of ocean creatures, including sea otters, plankton, giant squid and a sperm whale.

“VR allows us to provide our audiences with a new level of immersion unparalleled by other mediums and tell stories of the natural world in a new and exhilarating way,” says Bradley Crooks, head of digital entertainment & games at BBC Worldwide.

By creating a VR app, users are moved from being a passive viewer to an active participant, observing the behaviour of creatures and exploring the ocean’s ecosystems.

Players start by following a mother sea otter foraging in the kelp forests off the Californian Pacific coast, before plunging into an oceanic trench and meeting the unique animals that live there.

“BBC Earth's experience on Google Daydream makes exploring the wonders of our world more immersive and accessible than ever before,” says Keelle Santiago, senior producer for Google Daydream Apps. “It allows audiences to guide themselves, based on whatever takes their interest.”


Users will see a variety of marine creatures during the VR experience, including giant squid © BBC Earth: Life in VR


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