Museums engage in Twitter showdown

The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum are involved in an awesome internet battle.


The museums almost called the showdown a draw, until the Science Museum remembered its 3D-printed dinosaur © Science Museum


Two of the biggest museums in the UK have locked horns on social media after a user, @bednarz, asked, “Who would win in a staff battle between [the Science Museum] and [the Natural History Museum (NHM)], what exhibits/items would help you be victorious?”

The question was asked as part of a popular Twitter hashtag, #askacurator, which encourages engagement between museum curators and the public on the social media platform.

The showdown was kicked off with the NHM’s response, “We have dinosaurs. No contest.”

The Science Museum responded to the NHM, starting the social media battle between the two museums © Science Museum

This lead to a series of tweets from both museums, featuring a range of exhibits and specimens from their collections, including vampire fish, goliath beetles and lava (NHM), a merman, antique fire engines and a 3D printed dinosaur (Science Museum).

Some of the tweets during the social media exchange © NHM and Science Museum

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