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Puffins need you!

Citizen science project launched to protect the nation's puffin population.

Published: June 5, 2017 at 4:14 pm
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As part of Project Puffin, the RSPB is reaching out to the public for help and to form a citizen science movement - the Puffarazzi.


To investigate what the puffins are feeding on, they are asking people who are visiting puffin colonies to send in photos of the puffins when they have food in their beaks.

“We need to find out more about what puffins feed to their chicks and we need people’s help for this project,” said Dr Ellie Owen, RSPB conservation scientist.

“This project will give everyone the chance to be part of the work being done to save them.”

A photo of a puffin showing its beak full of fish © Andrew Pearson

Puffins are one of our most iconic seabirds. With clown-faced markings and a dumpy disposition, they are an animal generally adored by the nation.

Numbers have plummeted in the UK and Europe, leading to the species being declared vulnerable to global extinction.

It is thought that climate change has led to changes in sea temperature, and declines in food availability for puffin populations.

Take a look at Project Puffin to find out more.


Main image: A puffin with sandeels. © Ben Andrew/RSPB Images



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