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Vote for your favourite ‘bug’!

Buglife has launched a national poll to choose a bug for each nation.

Published: May 23, 2018 at 10:20 am
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The invertebrate conservation charity is asking the public in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to vote for their favourite bug.


Each nation has a shortlist of four very different invertebrates to choose from, including rare species such as the fen raft spider and wart-biter bush-cricket.


The fen raft spider is the largest spider species in the UK, and is on the shortlist for Wales © Steven Falk


The green tiger beetle is on the shortlist for Scotland © Roughcastle

The winning invertebrate from each nation will feature on the new membership leaflets.

The shortlists are:

  • England: green shieldbug, long-horned bee, seven-spot ladybird, wart-biter bush-cricket
  • Northern Ireland: Irish damselfly, northern colletes, white clawed crayfish, zircon reed-beetle
  • Scotland: freshwater pearl mussel, green tiger beetle, pine hoverfly, red mason bee
  • Wales: ashy mining bee, black oil beetle, fen raft spider, hornet robberfly

Voting is open until 4 June, find out more on the Buglife website.


Megan ShersbyEditorial and digital co-ordinator at BBC Wildlife Magazine, and

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