Nadeem Perera will be back on our screens later this month for Springwatch. Passionate about making nature accessible to all and helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds he is a rising star of the bird world.

Who is Nadeem Perera

As well as being the co-founder of the birdwatching collective, Flock Together, Nadeem Perera is a wildlife TV presenter, author and activist. He is author of the book Flock Together: Outsiders: Reclaim your place in nature

What is Flock together?

Nadeem Perera and Ollie Olanipekun co-founded Flock Together in 2020 to encourage people of colour to get out and enjoy nature, support each other and look after their mental health.

Through this work he came to the attention of the BBC...

What television programmes has he presented/been on?

Although he is a relative newcomer to television Nadeem Perera is already a regular on The One Show and has appeared on Springwatch and Winterwatch.

Where else can I see him?

You can catch him at at many public and charitable events including Wildscreen Film Festival, PUMA and the WWF. Nadeem is also an Ambassador for the RSPB.

Where is Nadeem Perera from?

Nadeem Perera was born in London and grew up there

Is he on social media

Yes, you can follow him on Instagram @birdnerdeem

Main image: Nadeem Perera (right) with co founder of Flock Together Ollie Olanipekun (left)