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Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are home to a vast array of iconic species, from magnificent grizzly bears to curious snowshoe hares. Photographer Colleen Gara shares her fascination with this dramatic landscape and the animals that call it home.

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The Canadian Rockies are a vast mountainous landscape, stretching for about 1,000 miles from the top of British Columbia in the north to the US border in the south. They are home to jagged snowy peaks and stunning turquoise lakes, as well as a large number of charismatic big mammals such as Grizzly bears, black bears, elk, bighorn sheep, moose and caribou.


About the photographer

Colleen Gara is a wildlife and nature photographer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about photographing wildlife in their natural surroundings, from the Rocky Mountains to the prairies. Colleen’s hope is that her images will help foster a connection between the viewer and her wild subjects, raising awareness to protect both the animals and their natural habitats. She strongly believes in ethical photography practices and all of her images are of wild animals only – nothing captive or baited.

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A portrait of a female bighorn sheep (ewe). © Colleen Gara
A black bear foraging on vegetation. © Colleen Gara
A bull elk bugling during the fall rut. © Colleen Gara
A Canada jay (grey jay) perched atop a pine tree. © Colleen Gara
A common raven deep in the woods. © Colleen Gara
An adult coyote in early morning light. © Colleen Gara
A portrait of an elk calf. © Colleen Gara
An alpha female grey wolf. © Colleen Gara
A great grey owl in winter. © Colleen Gara
An adult grizzly bear foraging on dandelions. © Colleen Gara
A grizzly bear sow and her cub. © Colleen Gara
A Columbian ground squirrel in tall grass. © Colleen Gara
A lynx kitten crossing the snow with the help of its large, snowshoe-like, paws. © Colleen Gara
A large bull moose in a frosty meadow. © Colleen Gara
A female mountain goat (nanny) and her kid traversing snow-covered cliffs. © Colleen Gara
A red fox hunting for voles deep beneath the snow. © Colleen Gara
A curious and alert snowshoe hare. © Colleen Gara

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