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8 Forest-dwelling mammal of Central Africa, related to the giraffe and discovered in 1901 (5)

9 Crested, lizard-like reptiles native to New Zealand (8)

10 Welsh mountain range and geological period (8)

11 Adult ___ gulls Larus minutus have black heads in summer (6)

12 Genus of plants whose juicy fruits are known for their flavour and fragrance (6)

13 The short-___ ___ is often seen hunting over wetlands and coastal marshes in winter (5, 3)

15 A crustacean with 10 feet, such as a prawn or crayfish (7)

17 Crow ___ is a 2007 book written by Mark Cocker (7)

20 The dunnock is the UK’s only member of this bird family (8)

22 ___’s gull, also known as the fork- tailed gull, is a migratory bird that breeds on the Arctic tundra (6)

23/21d Huge, endangered South American vulture (6, 6)

25 Alternative name for a daddy- longlegs (8)

26 Small British rodent known for its long hibernation period (8)

27 Term for a young bird of the order Strigiformes (5)


1 The ___ skua is a large seabird with long, spoon-shaped tail streamers (8)

2 Common name for a macaque native to Gibraltar; the only non-human primate found in Europe (7, 3)

3 Water __ have large floating leaves and flowers; see the photo on p102 (6)

4 Part of an insect that holds a sharp organ for injecting venom (7)

5 Australian marsupial, intermediate in size between a kangaroo and a wallaby, found typically on mountains and rocky terrain (8)

6 Devon river known particularly for its trout and salmon (4)

7 The ___ deer can be found in the New Forest and the Forest of Dean (6)

14 Insect known for its habit of feeding on animal excrement (4, 6)

16 The bristly ___ is a tall wildflower with yellow florets and pimply leaves (8)

18 Small, brown butterflies with small circles on the underwings (8)

19 ___ fungi sprout in horizontal rows from trees and dead wood (7)

21 See 23 across

22 Large marine mammal found primarily in Florida’s coastal waters; also known as a manatee (3, 3)

24 Deciduous trees with finely hairy twigs severely affected by disease in the UK since the late 1960s (4)

Main image: Dunnock in Kent, UK. © David Tipling/Education Images/Getty


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