BBC Wildlife 34

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1 Subspecies of wild canine native to North America (7, 4)

7 The __head whale is named after the shape of its jaw (3)

9 Winter radish with a large white root eaten in Eastern cuisine (5)

10 Bulbous South African plant with beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers (9)

11 Large African antelope with a crest on the neck and spiralling horns (5)

12 The ___ woodpecker is often seen feeding on ants on the ground (5)

13 Reptile grouping that includes all modern snakes (7)

15 The male ___ scoter has a red, yellow and white bill (4)

18 Whitbarrow ___ is an upland nature reserve in Cumbria (4)

20 A Spanish name for codfish (7)

23 The blue-___ limpet is a brightly marked marine mollusc (5)

24 Tree of the genus Betula that has peeling bark and bears catkins (5)

25 Toxic when consumed, like many tropical frog species (9)

26 Old name for the snow leopard; also a unit of weight (5)

27 The ___-eyed sand spider is venomous and found in the desert regions of Southern Africa (3)

28 Lizard-like amphibians such as the olm (pictured) and axolotl (11)


1 Canadian city noted for its healthy American elm trees (8)

2 Organs known as the rumen, reticulum, omasum and abomasum in mammals such as the giraffe and the yak (8)

3 Genus of plants that includes many flowering heathers (5)

4 River that flows from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario, North America, designated an Important Bird Area in 1996 (7)

5 Wild equids native to Asia (7)

6 Toxic toadstool with a red cap (3, 6)

7 The red-___ quelea is said to be the world’s most abundant wild bird species (6)

8 European bison hunted to extinction in the wild in the early 20th century (6)

14 Of trees, losing their leaves seasonally (9)

16 River of New South Wales, Australia, home to an Endangered cod species (8)

17 Large Scottish lake, reputedly home to Nessiteras rhombopteryx (4, 4)

19 Northern-breeding woodland finch with a scarlet forehead (7)

20 A flower or a mass of flowers (7)

21 Fruits in which a fleshy part surrounds a pit or stone; plum for example (6)

22 The vocal organ through which a bird produces calls and song (6)

24 The meadow ___ butterfly closely resembles the gatekeeper (5)

Main image: Olm in the subterranean waters of Karst region in Slovenia. © Matjaz Slanic/Getty


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