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7 Small, pulpy fruits, such as those of the elder (7)

8 The ___ shrew is a small desert mammal native to North Africa (7)

9 The ___ heron hunts fish at dusk and dawn; black-crowned for example (5)

10 Producing only a single egg or offspring at a time (9)

11 The ___ penguin is the largest of all the penguins and lives in Antarctica (7)

13 Name given to the venomous northern copperhead viper of North America due to its eye colour (6)

15 Geological epoch famed for the evolution of the first reptiles (13)

19 Large social wasp that can reach up to 5.5cm in length (6)

20 Common name for a white- or violet-flowered European plant of the genus Lunaria (7)

23 The practice of hunting and feeding on other animals (9)

24 Flowering plant of the family Apiaceae – its seeds are often used in cooking, especially in curry powder (5)

26 Elegant waders with upturned bills and black and white plumage; also the symbol of the RSPB (7)

27 Spotted wild cats of South and Central America; sometimes known as dwarf leopards (7)


1 Tail-less amphibian – one of about 4,800 recorded species (4)

2 Season in which fieldfares (pictured) and redwings both visit the UK (6)

3 The ___ crocodile, also known as the saltwater crocodile, inhabits river- mouths and can grow to 6m long (9)

4 Chat-like songbird with a white rump; in flight it shows a ‘T’ shape on its tail (8)

5 Places in which rare trees are cultivated; Westonbirt for example (10)

6 The ___ toadstool is blue-green and noted for its distinctive aroma (7)

7 The ___ mongoose of Africa has dark stripes across its back (6)

8 Term used for the large, erect dorsal fin of fish in the genus Istiophorus (4)

12 Burrowing rodent of North America that lives in a large colony (7, 3)

14 Wild canine of south-central Asia, first described by zoologist WT Blanford (6, 3)

16 Bright-coloured bird with a downcurved bill in the family Meropidae, which feeds primarily on flying insects (3-5)

17 Old name given to the rodent Rattus rattus introduced to Britain with the Romans (4, 3)

18 Genus to which most swans belong (6)

21 The black-___ grebe has red eyes and golden ear-plumes (6)

22 Omnivorous mammals such as boars (4)

25 Old ___ is a wetland RSPB reserve in Barnsley, Yorkshire (4)

Main image: Fieldfare in Swindon, UK. © Gary Chalker/Getty


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