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6 Warbler, Sylvia communis, with a distinctive scratchy song (11)

9 The ___ weevil was once a serious pest in the US cotton industry (4)

10 Fruit considered to be a hybrid of a raspberry and blackberry (10)

11 European plant related to the cranesbill with small, pink-purple flowers and fruits that have long, twisted beaks (10)

13 See 19 Across

15 Winged insect with a sting; it is typically black with yellow stripes (4)

17 The plant and animal life of a particular region, habitat or geological period (5)

18 Place in which a bird, for instance, raises its young (4)

19/13 Tiny bird of prey of Mexico and the USA that feeds chiefly on insects and scorpions (3, 3)

20 Honeybee secretion fed to larvae that are being raised as potential queen bees (5, 5)

24 Freshwater nematode considered a serious threat to human health in parts of Africa (6, 4)

26 Fronded plant that reproduces through the dispersal of spores (4)

27 Deciduous shrub with white flowers and red fruits, also known as water elder (7, 4)


1 Wading bird that may be red- necked or grey; male is duller than the female (9)

2 Black-winged ___ are long-legged wading birds related to avocets (6)

3 A male deer (4)

4 Genus of birds to which the dunnock (pictured) belongs (8)

5 Nut-bearing tree that feature flexible stems and hairy leaves (5)

7 Aquatic bird of the rail family with a distinctive white facial shield (4)

8 Edible swimming crustaceans also known as shrimps (6)

12 The ___-billed woodpecker of the south-east USA is Critically Endangered and feared extinct (5)

14 Bright-coloured deep-bodied marine fish that inhabits tropical coral reefs (9)

16 Plant genus to which wild garlic and chives belong (6)

17 Marine crustacean known for clinging in large numbers to rocks and ships (8)

21 Primates native to Madagascar (6)

22 Songbird that may be wood, shore, horned or sky (4)

23 The projecting nose and mouth of a mammal such as a wild boar (5)

25 Stockwood ___ Space near Bristol is a Wildlife Trust reserve home to butterflies, wildflowers and birds (4)

Main image: A dunnock sings from the bare branches of a tree in early spring. © Tom Podesta/Getty


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