BBC Wildlife 39

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1 A young tree (7)

5 Ocean-dwelling cephalopod with eight arms (7)

9 Part of a flower that helps to protect and support the petals (5)

10 Cliff-nesting seabird with a thick black beak (9)

11 Common aquatic plant of Eurasia and the USA; Hippuris vulgaris (5, 4)

12 Root vegetable that is also known as a rutabaga (5)

13 Ocelot, caracal and lynx are all wild ___ (4)

15 The study of whales, porpoises and dolphins (8)

18 Moss of damp, peaty habitats (8)

19 Substance produced by the caterpillar of the moth Bombyx mori (4)

22 Another name for the snow leopard; also a unit of weight (5)

24 Freshwater turtles (9)

26 Colourful Old World lizard with a long tongue and zygodactylous feet (9)

27 The male ___ damselfly has distinctive blue and black colouring (5)

28 The ___ tit is also known as the ___ reedling (7)

29 Pollen-producing reproductive organs of flowers (7)


1 Flowering plant widely cultivated for its oil-rich seeds (6)

2 Social insects that construct their nests from wood-pulp (5, 4)

3 The Western ___, also known as the Outer Hebrides, are home to corncrakes, hen harriers and golden eagles (5)

4 Powerful, pale-plumaged raptor of the Arctic tundra (9)

5 The American dipper is also known as the water ___ (5)

6 Old-fashioned name for song thrushes (pictured) (9)

7 Collective noun for lions (5)

8 The ___ birch has peeling white bark and produces catkins (6)

14 Term for bistort, a Eurasian herbaceous plant with a spike of flowers (9)

16 African trees with edible, pod-like fruit (9)

17 The common ___ is a US species and a member of the rail family (9)

20 A young animal of the genus Vulpes (3, 3)

21 Flowering plants that may be sea, alpine or goldilocks (6)

23 East African lake home to important populations of cichlids (5)

24 River in the Scottish Borders well known for its salmon (5)

25 Genus of a group of long-tailed lizards found across Africa (5)


Main image: A singing song thrush perched on the top of a flowering hawthorn bush. © Sandra Standbridge/Getty