BBC Wildlife 25

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1 Arctic archipelago noted for its seabirds, polar bears and reindeer (8)

4 Deciduous tree common in limestone regions (5)

7 A type of flower head with short- stalked flowers along its axis; radish or mustard plants, for example (6)

9 Atlantic island group whose endemic species include the trocaz pigeon (7)

11 North American term for the shore lark, a bird that likes to feed along the strandline (6, 4)

12 Genus of trees and shrubs commonly called maples (4)

13 Culinary herb of the genus Ocimum (5)

14 A plant of the parsley family found in woodland and acid pasture that has an edible tuber; also known as pignut or hognut (8)

16 Black-striped African mammal that feeds on termites and is related to the hyena (8)

18 Eurasian finch with a stubby bill and streaky yellow-brown upperparts (5)

20 New Guinea’s __ robin is so called because of its grey colouring (4)

21 Common wildflower with fern-like leaves that grows in hedgerows (3, 7)

23 Large, tropical Old World lizard with strong claws and a long neck (7)

24 Porous aquatic invertebrate that extracts nutrients and oxygen from the water (6)

25 Aromatic herb in the mint family (5)

26 Climbing plant also known as old man’s beard and traveller’s joy (8)


2 Small songbird of the New World belonging to the family Vireonidae (5)

3 Armoured mammal; hairy long-nosed, greater fairy and pink fairy are all species (9)

4 The ___ redstart often nests in derelict or ruined buildings (5)

5 The wetland nature reserve of ___ Meadows straddles the border between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire (7)

6 The ___ duck is brightly patterned and found on rocky shorelines (9)

8 The parts of a coniferous tree that contain seeds (5)

10 Ducks, geese and swans (9)

13 Pungent hellebore said to have leaves that resemble ursine feet (5, 4)

15 Australian woodland tree cultivated for its fruit (9)

17 Perennial plant whose flowers typically last less than 24 hours (7)

19 Liquid secreted by many tree species (5)

21 The ___cherry of North America produces sour, bitter fruits (5)

22 Canarium luzonicum is a tree native to the Philippines; an oleoresin is obtained from it (5)

Main image: Mute swan with cygnets. © Arterra/Universal Images Group/ Getty


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