When is Serengeti III on TV?

Serengeti III will air on BBC One, and starts on on Sunday 15th January at 4.35pm. It will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

  • Episode One: Refuge
  • Episode Two: Inferno
  • Episode Three: Kinship
  • Episode Four: Dominion
  • Episode Five: Pressure
  • Episode Six: Restoration

What is Serengeti III about?

Serengeti III follows some named animals and their families as they try to survive the seasons and challenges of the Serengeti ecosystem. What happens to them following a great fire that transforms the landscape, and will the rains help the land recover? How will baby animals cope when faced with new creatures and when they need to learn new skills?

Meet some of the animals from Serengeti III

Kali the lioness

Three lion cubs look into the camera.
Kali's three lion cubs. © Luke Gent/John Downer Productions Ltd/BBC

Kali and her sister start the series having joined a once-rival pride following their previous pride being torn apart. She now has young cubs to look after, who are now starting to explore the world outside of their den. They are curious and adventurous, intrigued by the various nearby lizards that are scurrying around – until they stumble upon the nest of an eagle owl and a frightened chick that calls for its parents.

Bakari the baboon

A troop of baboons sitting on rocks.
A troop of baboons on rock. © Luke Gent/John Downer Productions Ltd/BBC

A baboon family led by a male called Bakari have found sanctuary amongst the rock kopjes, the piles of ancient rocks sticking up like islands from the surrounding savannah. Bakari faces the threat of a rival, who has the audacity to bully his son, leading to a battle for the troop’s survival.

Aiysha the cheetah

Two cheetahs lying in the grass.
Cheetah cub Duma laying in the grass with his mother Aiysha. © Warren Samuels/John Downer Productions Ltd/BBC

It’s almost time for cheetah Aiysha’s cubs to become independent, but have they learnt enough hunting skills to venture out and go alone? They may have enthusiasm, but it’s going to take more than that to survive.

Who is the narrator of Serengeti III?

Adjoa Andoh wearing a dress and black jacket, standing in front of a living wall.
Adjoa Andoh at the British Vogue X Self-Portrait Summer Party. © Dave Benett/Getty

Following in the footsteps of John Boyega (Serengeti) and Lupita Nyong’o (Serengeti II), the third season of Serengeti is narrated by British actress Adjoa Andoh.

She is well-known for playing her work in theatre and television, including lead roles with the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theatre, and the Royal Court Theatre, and appearing in over 90 episodes of Casualty. Currently, she is famous for playing the fearsome Lady Danbury in the Netflix series adaptation of Bridgerton.

“The thing I was most struck by is the relationship of these groups of animals,” says Andoh. “When they are threatened from the outside - wow! Even the smallest creatures can bind together and fight off a potential threat. And I find that incredibly moving. And I really hope the series touches people in a way that makes them reflect on how we treat nature. It really touched me and it’s also just tremendous to watch.”


Main image: Elephant herd, Nalla, Kadogo and family. © Matthew Goodman/John Downer Productions Ltd/BBC


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