Experience the dawn chorus

Come and celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day with the BBC Wildlife editorial team.

Robin (Erithacus rubecula) singing in tree in garden Cheshire UK April

International Dawn Chorus Day is a worldwide celebration of birdsong and takes place on 4 May 2014.


This year, the BBC Wildlife editorial team are inviting you to join in the excitement and experience the dawn chorus in your garden or local wildlife patch. 

“We’ll be heading out armed with cameras and recorders at 5am in the morning on 4 May to immerse ourselves in the greatest free sound show in the UK,” says BBC Wildlife editor Matt Swaine. “We want readers and wildlife enthusiasts to do the same and then share their videos, photos and recordings online.”

What we will do  

We will upload our sound recordings, videos and photos to our Facebook page and share our experiences on Twitter (using the hastag #wildlifedawnchorus) on 4 May and 5 May 2014. 

What you need to do

We encourage you to get up and early on 4 May 2014 and experience the dawn chorus with us.

Let us know you’re taking part on the day via Facebook and Twitter (using the hastag #wildlifedawnchorus). 

If you like, you can also share your photos, videos and sounds recordings with us, but don’t feel you have to do this in order to take part: 

  • Upload your video to YouTube and send us the url. 
  • Email your photos to wildlifemagazine@immediate.co.uk, using ‘Dawn Chorus’ as the subject line. We’d also love to see a picture of you out and about in the morning with your copy of BBC Wildlife in hand. 
  • Upload your recording to SoundCloud and send us the url. 

What we will do with your photos, videos and sound clips


We will share the best photos, videos and sound clips on www.discoverwildlife.com and retweet or share as many as possible via our social media channels.