Reader takes our caterpillar challenge

BBC Wildlife reader Becca Buxton shares her caterpillar sightings. 


This August, we encouraged you to go outdoors and hone your caterpillar spotting skills with our free caterpillar guide


BBC Wildlife reader Becca Buxton published what she found on our Forum

“I’ve had a lot of fun with this month’s caterpillar challenge. The large white (above) was my most prolific find, devouring the nasturtiums in one of the greenhouses at our allotment. I left them to it as the cabbages are all safely covered over with netting.

There was a possible small tortoiseshell sighting although it doesn’t look much like the picture on the ID guide (below). The little things did seem to have come from a silky web like substance and I’d spent far too long in the nettle patches that I was happy to conclude that I had seen the caterpillar I was searching for.


Unfortunately there were no comma caterpillars in sight.

Plenty of cinnabar moths were spotted on the ragwort on the common land at the end of my street (below). They certainly stand out! I have never see the adult version though.


There was a complete absence of the buff-tip moth, pale tussock moth, sycamore moth, vapourer moth, knot grass moth, grey dagger moth and dot moth. Most of these seem to be found up in the trees and this month I haven’t been up any. It’s a shame because I don’t think I’ve ever seen some of these and they do look spectacular.

The lime hawk-moth looks incredible. This was found (below) by my mother when doing a spot of gardening however I wasn’t lucky enough to see it myself.


During my prowling of the shrubbery I have come across many caterpillars which are not listed on the challenge, which just goes to show how many species we have in this country.”