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Attenborough on climate change

Conservationist Sir David Attenborough is concerned about the Earth getting warmer.

Published: June 7, 2017 at 3:26 pm
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In an exclusive Radio Times interview, broadcaster Sir David Attenborough spoke to film-maker Louis Theroux about our planet and its wildlife.


“We should be very, very worried about [climate change],” said Attenborough. “And it’s not just one species, it’s whole ecosystems that are going west. If you just look at the oceans, an awful lot of changes are taking place.”

“The land is being scorched, deserts are spreading, and the seas are warming.”

The interview took place ahead of Attenborough’s new series of David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities, due to air on 11 June on W.

The six-part series, now in its fourth season, brings the usual selection of wonderful wildlife tales, such as that of the ‘pizzly bear’ – the hybrid emerging as a result of global warming.

“Is it that grizzles are coming north because it is warmer or the polar bears are coming south because they’ve got no food?” asked Theroux.

“Both,” Attenborough replied.

The naturalist explained that is it likely polar bears will become extinct in the wild and there may be no pure white bears.

“Their genes are still there, and they’re brown bears now – they’ve left descendants,” he said.

Four other things we learnt about Attenborough in the interview:

  1. He regrets not spending more time with his children
  2. He thinks about his own mortality all the time
  3. He plays the piano every day that he is at home
  4. He has given up chocolate and hasn’t had any since mid-November

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