A pipistrelle bat found its way into a corridor outside a couple’s flat in Harris House, Watford, and needed to be rescued by a RSPCA officer.


The couple had opened a window for the bat, but it flew into a light shade on the wall instead, where the RSPCA officer had to use a spoon to scoop it out.

“The bat really scared the couple at first and they thought that someone was playing a Halloween trick on them,” says Kate Wright, the RSPCA animal collection officer who rescued the bat. “But it would seem that the bat may have just found his way into the corridor and couldn’t find his way out.”


The bat flew into this lightshade © RSPCA

Wright had to stand on a chair to take a look at the bat in the light shade, where it was lying beneath the bulb.

“I borrowed a spoon from the couple to gently scoop him out, as there was no other way to reach him,” she says.

Following its removal from the light shade, Wright checked the bat over to check that it wasn’t injured and then took it outside and it released it.


The bat was checked over for injuries before being released outside © RSCPA


Megan ShersbyNaturalist, writer and content creator