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Rescuers dig out fox in a hole

RSPCA rescue juvenile fox trapped in a hole underneath a tree in Norwich.

Published: May 16, 2019 at 3:17 pm
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Officers from an animal welfare charity faced an interesting challenge when they were called out to young fox trapped in a hole.


The animal was believed to have been trapped for over a day before the RSPCA were alerted by a member of the public.

“He looked just like a child buried at the beach with just his head poking out - I couldn’t believe it,” says animal collection officer Paige Burnham.

The fox was trapped between tree roots and had to be physically dug out with a garden trowel, which turned out to be a long and difficult process.

“The fox was so quiet and worn out whilst digging him out that he just let us do what we needed to and watched patiently,” continues Burnham. “We kept telling him ‘We’re going to get you out of here’.”

After its ordeal the rescued fox was happy to be freed into a near by field © RSPCA.
After its ordeal the rescued fox was happy to be freed into a near by field. © RSPCA

Once freed the juvenile was feisty and uninjured, so after a quick health check the team were able to release the shocked fox straight away.



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