As the BBC prepares to celebrate his 90th birthday, David Attenborough is as busy as ever. BBC Wildlife features editor Ben Hoare meets a man on mission.


Attenborough on working…

“I’d pay to go on doing what I’m doing.”

Attenborough on zoos…

“You learn a lot about the natural world if you keep your animals in an intelligent way.”

Attenborough on colonising other planets…

“No, of course not! What: you mean go and make a mess of them?”

Attenborough on the BBC…

“BBC Two was a joy to be on.”


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Ben HoareScience writer and author, and editorial consultant, BBC Wildlife

Ben Hoare is a wildlife writer and editor, and proud to be an all-round ‘nature nerd’. He was features editor at BBC Wildlife magazine from 2008 to 2018, and after that its editorial consultant. Ben writes about seasonal natural-history highlights in every issue of the magazine, and also contributes longer conservation stories. His latest children’s book is 'Wild City', published in October 2020.