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8 Another name for the killer whale (4)

9 Flowering tree found in Australia (10)

10 Large rodent of Central and South America, related to the guinea pig (6)

11 Tree with slender branches and grey-green foliage, also known asa salt cedar (8)

12 The ___ owl is notable for its pale plumage and haunting shriek (4)

13 Spotless – like the ___ green hairstreak butterfly (10)

17 Structure that supports a plant’s leaves or flowers (4)

18 African country, rich in wildlife and home to the Maasai Mara reserve (5)

19 Wading bird with fantastic plumage when lekking; Philomachus pugnax (4)

20 Small heron of the Americas (5, 5)

22 Herbivore that in the UK might be red, fallow, roe or muntjac (4)

23 Long-tailed gamebird; the male has bright, ornate plumage (8)

27 African country known for its populations of gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates (6)

28 A crab, lobster, shrimp or barnacle, for example (10)

29 The green ___wing is a delicate predatory insect (4)


1 Pale-brown bird of mountains and cliffs, related to the swallow (4, 6)

2 Deciduous tree with hanging clusters of yellow flowers (8)

3 Attractive flowering garden plant, also known as vinca (10)

4 Short tail of a rabbit or hare (4)

5 Aquatic mollusc, widely eaten in seafood dishes (4)

6 The ___-horned goat or markhor is the national animal of Pakistan (6)

7 The striking caterpillar of the ___ moth has the ability to squirt formic acid from its thorax (4)

14 Vinca ___ is the scientific name of the dwarf or lesser 3 down (5)

15 The ___ lory is a noisy, garrulous parrot of Indonesia (10)

16 UK diving duck with a crest (6, 4)

19 Deciduous tree of north-east USA; has deep scarlet leaves in autumn (3, 5)

21 Brightly coloured marine fish with thick lips and strong teeth (6)

24 Male deer at least five years old (4)

25 South American palm tree, cultivated for its blackish berries (4)

26 The three-___ sloth is an arboreal mammal; pygmy for example (4)

Main image: Chimpanzee. © Ariadne Van Zandbergen/Getty

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