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1 Yellowish-green finch that visits the UK in winter; males have a black crown (6)

4 Sea of northern Europe, home to a small subspecies of herring (6)

8 Inglorious: Conflict In The ___ by Mark Avery is a book on grouse shooting (7)

9 Genus of gymnosperm shrubs, such as the joint pine, widely used in traditional medicine (7)

11 WWT ___ is a wetland reserve in north-east England; also the capital of the USA (10)

12 The African buffalo is also known as the ___ buffalo (4)

13 The Latin name of the grey wolf is Canis ___(5)

14 Yellow-flowered primulas that emerge in early spring (8)

16 Term for the ‘unofficial countryside’ on the fringes of a town or city (8)

18 Colloquial name for the Thomson’s gazelle (5), the most abundant in Africa

20 Large seaweed that grows in thick underwater forests (4)

21 Insects of the family Syrphidae, noted for their mimicry of wasps and bees (10)

23 Unopened flower of a plant in the genus Rosa (7)

24 US state in which the Everglades National Park is situated (7)

25 The ___ lily Lilium longiflorum has trumpet-shaped flowers and is native to Japan; also a Christian festival (6)

26 A bird of prey such as a hawk, harrier or falcon (6)


1 Genus of cuttlefish; also a pigment derived from cuttlefish ink (5)

2 Another name for the coral-like gorgonian of tropical oceans (3, 4)

3 Country of South-East Asia consisting of many islands, noted for its endemic bird species (9)

5 Deciduous tree of the genus Populus, native to cold regions (5)

6 Old name for a male hawk (7)

7 Name given to the red-petalled wildflower Papaver rhoeas because of its abundance in crop fields (4, 5)

10 Woodland bird that nests in holes in trees, closely related to the woodpigeon (5, 4)

13 The ___ pine is an evergreen conifer of western North America (9)

15 Tiny aquatic crustacean that belongs to the order Cladocera (5, 4)

17 The ___ leilia butterfly is brownish- orange and native to the USA and Mexico; also the name for a female emperor (7)

19 The naked ___ ___ is a hairless, eusocial burrowing mammal of East Africa (4, 3)

21 The funnel-web arachnid Tegenaria domestica is also called the ___ spider (5)

22 Shrub or tree known for its cream- coloured flowers and clusters of berries (5)

Main image: Timber/grey wolf standing in snow in Canada. © Adria Photography/Getty


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