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1 Member of the crow family with a striking red bill (6)

4 Powerful birds of prey; species include northern, crested, black- mantled and red-chested (8)

9 The ___ seal lives in the Arctic and has circular patterns on its back (6)

10 Culinary herb and member of the sunflower family (8)

12 Plant with blue or violet flowers, noted for its aroma; used in perfumery and medicine (8)

13 Spineless blue-green cactus native to Mexico and southern USA from which the hallucinogenic drug mescaline may be derived (6)

15 Fast-growing coniferous tree named after a Scandinavian country (6, 6)

18 Large species of owl, native to the pine forests of the Far North (5, 4, 3)

21 The ___ nautilus is a mollusc of the South Pacific that has a thin covering on the outside of its shell (6)

22 ___ Valley in County Durham, England, is known for its important population of black grouse (8)

24 Endangered goat-antelope of northern Burma (Myanmar) (3, 5)

25 Reddish marine fish named for its highly developed visual organs, also known as catalufa (6)

26 Dark-coloured aphid that is often considered a garden pest (8)

27 Mountain gorillas can be found in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in this African country (6)


1 North America’s mourning dove was formerly known as the ___ pigeon (8)

2 Animal that eats flora and fauna (8)

3 Brightly coloured butterfly that is green below and brown above; feeds on gorse and other shrubs (5, 10)

5 First fish species found to be fully warm- blooded; flaps fins to generate heat (4)

6 Moth that mimics a stinging insect (6, 9)

7 Dabbling duck; male has a whistling call (6)

8 Carnivorous plant of the genus Drosera found in boggy habitat (6)

11 The very rare ___ fallow deer formerly occurred in Iran, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East (7)

14 The brightly coloured ___ fish belongs to the family Balistidae and mainly inhabits tropical waters (7)

16 Legume native to East Asia that comes from a widely cultivated plant (4, 4)

17 Succulent plant noted for its applications in cosmetics (4, 4)

19 The ___ beetle is a dung beetle that was worshipped in ancient Egypt (6)

20 Vast, flat, treeless Arctic area home to musk ox, snowy owl and lemming (6)

23 A young zebra or horse (4)

Main image: Grant's zebras. © Art Wolfe/Getty


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