The humming-bird hawk-moth is an immigrant from southern Europe and North Africa and can be seen widely across the UK. In 2022 the humming-bird hawk-moth has also enjoyed a bumper year with an estimated ten-fold increased in reported sightings across the UK.


What do humming-bird hawk-moths look like?

The humming-bird hawk-moth has orange-brown hindwings, while its forewings are greyish-brown. It has a black and white chequered body.

Where do humming-bird hawk-moths live?

They are found in many habitats, from coastal areas to gardens, woodland to urban sites and many people have been able to spot them from their own gardens.

When is the best time to see them?

The adults can be seen flying from May to September but occasionally can be sighted throughout the year.

How big are humming-bird hawk-moths?

Their wingspan is 50-58mm

Humming-bird hawk-moth diet

The humming-bird hawk-moth are particularly partial to nectar from honeysuckle and buddleia


What are its caterpillar foodplants?

The caterpillar foodplants include lady’s bedstraw, hedge bedstraw, and wild madder, and they have also been seen laying eggs on red valerian.


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