Sharks – Everything you ever wanted to know

Welcome to the BBC Wildlife shark zone where you can find out all you ever wanted to know about these fascinating fish. 


Welcome to the BBC Wildlife shark zone where you can find out all you need to know about these fascinating fish. 


Sharks in the UK

An impressive variety of big sharks – possibly even great whites – patrol Britain’s productive seas, but the threats they face are mounting. Richard Peirce asks if we can learn to live with these magnificent, misunderstood predators.


Large sharks in the UK – spotter’s guide

More than 30 species of shark have been recorded off British coasts.


Great white shark detectives

Despite their notoriety, great white sharks remain a mystery, so researchers have had to find new ways to get closer to their subjects. Marine biologist Thomas Peschak and his colleagues venture out in flimsy sea kayaks to uncover the secrets of the fish we love to fear


How to avoid a shark attack

Shark attacks on humans are extremely rare, but should it ever happen, you need to know what to do.


Great white shark versus orca

Which is the greatest ocean predator – the orca or the great white shark? A shocking encounter off the Californian coast reveals the answer


Swimming with giants


Ever dreamed of finning beside a whale shark or watching a female humpback nurse her calf? Ten of our top photographers and experts reveal their most incredible underwater encounters – and explain how you can take the plunge and experience them for yourself.