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Red Squirrel Survival Trust

The Red Squirrel Survival Trust is a national charitable trust aiming to establish red squirrel colonies across the UK; protect reds in areas where numbers have stabilised; fund research helping to secure the red squirrel’s long term future; secure the environment in which red squirrels thrive, by protecting the biodiversity of Britain's native woodlands. To this end, RSST has established the UK Squirrel Accord to bring together all bodies that are concerned not only with squirrel conservation, but with the preservation and regeneration of native British broadleaf woodlands. The UK Squirrel Accord consists of 41 leading conservation, forestry, companies and government agencies in the UK, created at the invitation of the former HRH Prince Charles – who’s aim was to bring a concerted and coordinated approach to securing the future of our red squirrels and woodlands, and to managing the non-native invasive grey squirrel

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