Five autumn leaves and berries to spot

If you're planning to get out and enjoy the autumn colours this month, make sure you know your leaves and berries. Here are five species you're likely to spot, and the key characteristics to help you identify them.

Autumn leaves © Kenan Olgun / Getty



Oval leaves with sharply toothed margins, yellow in autumn; fruits hang in clusters.




Narrow leaves, red or purple in autumn; pink, four-lobed fruit later splits open to reveal the seeds.

Field maple

Field maple leaf and seeds. Felicity Rose Cole

Deeply lobed leaves, yellow in autumn; fruits have paired ‘wings’ and hang in loose bunches.

Common whitebeam

Whitebeam leaf and berries. Felicity Rose Cole

Oval leaves with white undersides, brown in autumn; dull red fruits.

Wild service tree


Maple-like leaves, yellow, red or purple in autumn; oval, russet-brown fruits.