Relatively few illustrators achieve the high standards that naturalists crave when trying to identify a plant. Many of us sketch in our own field journals but we all depend upon greater artists to help us learn.


To portray wildlife for illustrative keys requires an elusive crossover of art and science: painstakingly accurate artistic skill in drawing, shading and rendering, partnered with a rigorous understanding of which distinguishing features of a species should be magnified.

When shining a spotlight on finer details, illustration frequently trumps photography.

"While camera can capture these features, there's often too much background noise to the images," says Trevor Dines, botany specialist at conservation charity, Plantlife. "Only with the skill of an artist can they be isolated, highlighted and contrasted to bring out the essential character of each species."

Dines credits the botanical illustrators of The Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe for inspiring his early forays into plant identification.

"The paintings capture the essence of each species perfectly, but manage to be exuberant and celebratory at the same time. I still love the paintings of mints - you can almost smell them on the page. The incredibly subtle differences between each species are there, laid bare to see but almost imperceptible - it's botanical art of the highest skill."

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In a digital age, words and photos can fail us, while botanical art reliably soothes a naturalist's woes. It is easy to overlook the quiet value of this centuries-old resource.

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Alex MorssEcologist, author and journalist