How to grow your own oak tree

There is an old English saying that “Mighty oak trees from little acorns grow.” Autumn is the perfect time to try this for yourself by collecting acorns and planting them.

How to grow your own oak tree. ©Corinne Poleij/Getty

Collect acorns

Gather some acorns from the ground. Choose fat, ripe acorns – nice and brown all over. Ignore any that are green (these are unripe) or dark (these have started to rot).


Add acorns to compost

Fill a small flowerpot, yogurt pot or plastic cup with peat-free compost mixed with some sand or sawdust. Push the acorns into damp compost mix, one per container. Make sure the more pointed end is facing upwards. Cover with 2–3cm of compost.



Place the containers in a cool place out of direct sun, such as a garage, shed or unheated spare room. If it’s too warm, they won’t germinate.

In spring, check if your acorns have started to sprout. Gently water the tiny seedlings once or twice a week to prevent the compost becoming dry.


Re-pot your seedlings

When your seedlings are 25cm high transfer them to a larger pot. After one or two years the young trees will be ready to plant in the ground.


Top tip

Other native British trees that are easy to grow from seed include hazel, alder and beech. Plant them in autumn as above.