In the second episode, presenter Mark Carwardine visits Snettisham Nature Reserve in North Norfolk to photograph an avian spectacle in mid winter and share his expert tips in this week's Photography Masterclass.

Flock of birds, Mark Carwardine
In this episode Mark Carwardine explains how to capture the perfect shot of this incredible wildlife spectacle/Credit: Mark Carwardine

The series will consist of ten videos, released weekly on Thursdays from 15 April. For each episode, free fact sheets are available to download from Mark Carwardine's website.

Watch the second episode now:

About the presenter

Zoologist Mark Carwardine is a widely published wildlife photographer, an award-winning writer, a TV and radio presenter, a best-selling author of more than 50 books, and an outspoken environmentalist.

He was also Chair of the Judging Panel of the prestigious ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ competition for seven years and was selected as one of ‘The World’s 40 Most Influential Nature Photographers’ in Outdoor Photography magazine.

Mark Carwardine is the presenter of the BBC Wildlife Photography Masterclass series
Mark Carwardine is the presenter of the BBC Wildlife Photography Masterclass series

He presented BBC Radio 4’s weekly programme Nature for many years and is best known for his Last Chance to See books, radio series and TV series with the late Douglas Adams and Stephen Fry. He has been writing a conservation column in BBC Wildlife magazine every month since 2004.

About the guest

Paul Goldstein is an award-winning wildlife and conservation photographer who specialises in capturing stunning shots of African wildlife and has raised fund for tigers and other persecuted species. He has been running photography workshops at Snettisham for several months and shares his expert tips.

About Snettisham Nature Reserve

Snettisham Nature Reserve is a vast coastal habitat which consists of lagoons, tidal mudflats, shingle beach and saltmarsh and is home to an array of incredible wildlife, including wading birds and wildfowl.

Flock of birds, Mark Carwardine
Birds in flight/Credit: Mark Carwardine

One of the reserve's most impressive spectacles is the sight of hundreds of thousands of waders gathering in the mudflats to roost overnight. At the incoming tide the birds all take to flight en masse which makes for a truly impressive sight. Find out more about Snettisham Nature Reserve,


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