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Global Bird Weekend: when it is, and how to take part

Take part in this new global birdwatching event and join naturalists around the world in submitting your bird sightings.

Published: October 15, 2020 at 2:00 pm
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When is Global Bird Weekend?

The inaugural Global Bird Weekend took place on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 October 2020.


What is Global Bird Weekend?

Global Bird Weekend is a new event to encourage people – both beginners and experience naturalists — around the world to get out birdwatching, and to submit their sightings.

People can take part individually, or as part of a team, and should submit their records via eBird.

People can enter as individuals or team. Gentoo penguins. © David Tipling
People can enter as individuals or team. Gentoo penguins. © David Tipling

Those who have registered on eBird and taken part in the Global Bird Weekend will be entered into a prize draw, for which there are a number of prizes to be won, including a pair of Swarovski binoculars, a birding cruise from Durban in South Africa, and a subscription to Cornell's “Birds of the World” for a year.

There will be a free virtual birdwatching tour in Panama on Saturday 17 October at 12 noon BST (6am Panama time).

An additional aim of the Global Bird Weekend is to raise money for conservation, with donations being given to a BirdLife International project. This year, the funds will be given to BirdLife's Stop The Illegal Bird Trade Campaign.

Who set up Global Bird Weekend?

Tim Appleton

Global Bird Weekend is being organised by Tim Appleton MBE, the co-founder of the first and biggest Birdfair, which he ran for 31 years. He was also the reserve manager of Rutland Water Nature Reserve for over 40 years and was responsible for the successful osprey reintroduction project there.


Main image: Birdwatchers. © Swarovski Optik


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