Young deer saved from death

Animal rescue officers had to take urgent action to rescue a male deer with entangled antlers.


A still from the video taken at the scene © RSPCA Cymru


The young male deer, thought to be a roe deer, was spotted struggling with rope and fencing in Llansadwrn, south-west Wales.

He was seen by a member of the public, who alerted RSPCA Cyrmu, and immediate action was taken as the deer was choking to death.

“The poor deer was in a right tangle – with his antlers completely caught up,” says Andrew Harris, RSPCA animal welfare officer.

Watch a video of the entangled deer

[video: width:623 height:360]

The deer’s antlers were tangled up in rope and fencing © RSPCA Cymru 

Harris and RSPCA inspector Nigel Duguid were able to maneuvere the deer so that he was pinned within some trees, before cutting the animal free of the rope.

“We were very concerned,” says Harris. “We’re so relieved we were able to assist this poor deer, who was found in a truly urgent state of need.”

After being liberated, the deer retreated to a nearby woodland. 

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