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Beautiful wildlife-inspired cakes, by BBC Wildlife readers

With the return of the Great British Bake Off to our screens, we asked BBC Wildlife readers to share baking creations which feature wildlife!

Published: August 28, 2019 at 2:56 pm
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We knew that BBC Wildlife readers were a talented bunch already, but now we're even more impressed by their skills! Check out these stunning wildlife cakes!


To view the images as a slideshow, click on the arrows in the top right-hand corner of the photos below.

A grass snake at RSPB Greylake reserve by @MothMighty (on Twitter), inspired by her son's first grass snake encounter

Grass snake cake

A sea-inspired wedding cake by marine biologists at Swimming Head Productions

Marine wedding cake by Swimming Head Productions

Owl cakes by Sarah Hookway, who got the idea from a blog

Owls - Sarah Hookway (inspired by a blog post)

A wildlife birthday cake by Fiona Merredew, made for Sophie Cooper

An albatross chick by Liz Morgan, made for the BBC crew visiting Bird Island in South Georgia

Albatross chick - Liz Morgan

Cakes inspired by the species studied by the Conservation Ecology Group at Durham University (more creations in this blog post)

Conservation Ecology Group at Durham University 1
Conservation Ecology Group at Durham University 2
Conservation Ecology Group at Durham University 3

Bird of paradise, dodo and pangolin cakes by Dr Natalie Lawrence, plus her homemade wedding cake (bird of paradise, luna moth and pangolin)

Bird of paradise - Dr Nathalie Lawrence
Dodo - Dr Nathalie Lawrence
Pangolin - Dr Nathalie Lawrence
Wedding cake - pangolin, luna moth, bird of paradise - Dr Nathalie Lawrence 2

A wild tree stump cake by Claire Wynne

Tree stump - Claire Wynne

Cakes to celebrate James Lea's PhD on sharks, by Charlotte Lea

Shark research by James Lea - Charlotte Lea 1
Shark research by James Lea - Charlotte Lea 2
Shark research by James Lea - Charlotte Lea 3

Camel, armadillo, barn owl, flamingo and Highland cattle cakes by Sarah Blake

Camel - Sarah Blake
Armadillo - Sarah Blake
Barn owl - Sarah Blake
Flamingo - Sarah Blake
Highland cow - Sarah Blake

Frog, giraffe and Peter Rabbit cakes, and a wildlife wedding cake, by Janine Wilkins Sanderson

Frog - Janine Wilkins Sanderson
Giraffe - Janine Wilkins Sanderson
Peter Rabbit - Janine Wilkins Sanderson
Wildlife wedding cake - Janine Wilkins Sanderson

A llama cake by Llama Travel

By Llama Travel

A chicken cake by Louise Evans

Chicken - Louise Evans

Fox, puffins and pond scene cakes by Amanda Ridgway

Fox - Amanda Ridgway
Puffins - Amanda Ridgway
Pond scence - Amanda Ridgway


If you would like to submit a photo of a wildlife-inspired cake for inclusion on this page, please e-mail Megan Shersby.


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