About the photographers

Young Wildlife Photographers UK is an exciting project unveiling wildlife and nature photography and stories to a broader audience. Social networking is our tool to expose young talent and the next generation of British wildlife photographers.

This project isn’t just about photography but also to show that young people are still keen to be in touch with nature and are eager to conserve and protect it.

The project aims to reveal compelling and striking photography of the natural world in the eyes of young people, to share inspirational stories and powerful images that uncover nature or address a strong conservation issue.

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"These fallow deer can be seen together with a big male buck standing guard. I’ve always found photographing fallow deer hard as they have a tendency to be very skittish. However, well hidden in a bush, I managed to take a couple of pictures as the sun set." © Liam Hale.
"This male fox was so unfazed by my presence that I began to wonder whether I’d turned invisible! I’d heard about urban foxes like these but this was my first experience with one face to face. It was a magical morning and I spent over an hour with him as he went about his daily activities". © Mairi Eyres.
"A wet and windy day in Cornwall brightened up by a small flock of sanderling on the beach. A bird I haven’t had much luck with in the past, so a slow approach crawling across the sand was the best option to get close. I managed to get eye level with this individual specifically and compose the image that I wanted. I love the simplicity of the photo and I’m extremely pleased with how it came out". © Connor Coombes.
"This is one of the best opportunities and experiences I’ve had to photograph wildlife. Being surrounded by four short-eared owls, methodically hunting the fields around me was spectacular. Although it was cold, it was worth the long wait, after being greeted by this majestic species of owl". © Ewan Heath-Flynn .
"Ironically for a fungi fanatic, I had never photographed the epitome of the mushroom; the glorious Amanita muscaria (fly agaric), until last autumn. Captured in the New Forest, this particularly perfect pair created such a magical fairy-tale scene". © Eleanor Hilsdon.
"During a windy and unpredictable day at Land’s End in October, an aerial dog fight between a group of jackdaw and a male kestrel was taking place. The speed and agility of the kestrel meant he was able to avoid hurting himself during the attack". © Matt Binding
"In the autumn the diet of bearded tits changes from insect to seeds, this change requires the birds to consume gravel and similar objects in order to digest the tougher seeds. These birds regularly visit boardwalks in order to fulfill this unusual requirement." © Max Thompson.
"Velvet shank is just one of the thousands of species of fungi in the UK, with there being so many species in the UK there are plenty of photo opportunities to be had. This particular fungi is very photogenic from below due to the large clumps they grow in." © Max Thompson.
"I arrived in Richmond Park in absolute darkness hearing the roars of stags echoing around, I placed myself a good distance away from this one and when the sun came up he put on quite a show!" © Olly Johnson.
"The early morning mist was starting to rise as the sun came through creating a beautiful golden colour, peering through the hedgerows I was able to see this stunning roe buck." © Olly Johnson.
"Filming otters in Shetland was one of my favorite wildlife experiences. Camera equipment and techniques does not matter very much; it is all about the challenge of predicting their movements and sneaking up on them without being detected. A close encounter with one of these elusive animals is absolutely beautiful." © Joshua Harris.
"This playful and cheeky urban red fox posed for a few nice shots during its visit to a nearby cemetery. This was my first time photographing foxes and thankfully in nice light!" © Alexander Permain.
"A pair of young red deer males lock antlers. Each autumn, red deer stags herd females, a harem to gain access to mating. These young stags are not yet large enough to hold and protect harems from competing stags but practise into locking antlers is important." © Danielle Connor.
"This image of a fallow deer staring at me always makes me chuckle, as it looks at me with an expression like: “Can I help you?” accompanied by a warm autumn backdrop". © Sam Horne.
"During late October I was photographing fallow deer at Petworth Park. This particular mother and its fawn caught my attention, as she groomed her young, looking almost like a kiss of affection". © Sam Horne
"While volunteering with the RSPB near Leeds I was incredibly lucky to be living close to a reserve where I could get down at water level; this generally makes for much more impactful images than shooting down from above. This image was very lucky - while my main subject was flapping another coot sped past behind, throwing up beautiful backlit water droplets". © Sean Irving
"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed photographing my local urban foxes. They’ve become very comfortable with humans, making it much easier to get close than any other animal I’ve photographed. I love the light through the nettles and on the fox’s fur in this image". © Sean Irving.
"A short-eared owl glides in during the last golden rays of sun, as it hunts for potential prey hiding amongst the grass below. I am very fortunate to be able to watch my local short-eared owls majestically soar over their Cotswold fields every Autumn. As they return to the shelter of the UK for the winter, on their migration from the continent". © Philip Edwards.
Minutes before sunrise, a twenty point red deer stag walks towards a field popular for deer to graze on. Early September is an important time for stags to shed the remaining velvet off their antlers and to build fat reserves for the upcoming annual rut". © Danielle Connor.
Some beautiful patches of evening light were hitting the river. I wanted to frame this swan within one of the patches, but catching the right moment was tricky. I had to continually adjust my position along the riverbank to maximise the time that the swan spent silhouetted by the light. © Mairi Eyres.
Some beautiful patches of evening light were hitting the river. I wanted to frame this swan within one of the patches, but catching the right moment was tricky. I had to continually adjust my position along the riverbank to maximise the time that the swan spent silhouetted by the light. © Mairi Eyres.
Tawny Owl Ben Dalgleish YWPUK
"Tawny owls are hard birds to come across, especially without the use of bait. By using my car as a makeshift hide I drove countless miles around North Staffordshire and luckily I was rewarded by being able to photograph this gorgeous owl sat amongst the aumuntal colours!" © Ben Dalgleish.
"Goosanders, are unlike most other ducks, being at home on fast-flowing upland rivers catching fish. In autumn, they begin to return to the wooded rivers to flock, having moulted at river mouths and estuaries". © Matt Livesey.
"This image was part of a project I worked on to capture gulls in flight arching over the water, with a background of the warm autumnal hues of the trees". © Matt Livesey.