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British winter wildlife in pictures

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About the photographers

Young Wildlife Photographers UK is an exciting project unveiling wildlife and nature photography and stories to a broader audience. Social networking is our tool to expose young talent and the next generation of British wildlife photographers.


This project isn’t just about photography but also to show that young people are still keen to be in touch with nature and are eager to conserve and protect it.

The project aims to reveal compelling and striking photography of the natural world in the eyes of young people, to share inspirational stories and powerful images that uncover nature or address a strong conservation issue.


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"Finally, London had a bit of snow! By the time I had found my target subject, the snow had begun to melt. I had my face in the snow to be able to capture the white foreground haze, but it was worth it!" © Danielle Connor
"Since discovering our local colony of fulmars I've been fascinated with them, spending hundreds of hours out on the cliffs around Land's End in all conditions capturing them. I took this shot in April as the sun was setting, illuminating the birds while the background cliff remained in shadow." © Josef FitzGerald-Patrick
"During the winter snow I went to my local park to photograph the water birds on the frozen lakes. My attention was captured by the remarkable feet of this coot, which were covered in show as it walked across the frozen surface." © Gideon Knight
"A solitary bird perched on the wire - it was extremely cold!" © Yusuf Akhtar
"A grey heron in St. James Park, outside Buckingham Palace, during Storm Emma which covered the UK in snow during the winter of 2018." © Luke Dray
"Living in Somerset it is hard to avoid the large number of starlings that descend on the county each year. When this was taken the roost was still rather small, this meant I could predict their location and get the image I was after." © Max Thompson
"I have been following the roe deer in my area for 8 years. On this occasion, it was snowing heavily for 10 minutes - I was able to get into position where the deer would be sheltering and photograph this one against a dark background as it got up to investigate." © Joshua Harris
"At my parents' home there's a dead elm tree that the carrion crows like to perch on. On an overcast day, the starkness of the limbs against the sky was pleasing to the eye, and the perching crow added interest to the scene." © Freya Coursey
"With the first snow I can remember in Hertfordshire for some years, I headed out to my local wood in the hope of capturing some birds in the snow. A colourful flock of goldfinches flitting about the dead thistle heads made a particularly pleasing contrast with the white all around." © Matt Livesey
"It was amazing watching these starlings as they came back to roost each evening. I experimented with using a slow shutter speed to try to capture the energy of their movement. I love this technique because looking back over my images afterwards is almost like entering another world." © Mairi Eyres
"Since starting photographing these foxes, I always hoped I might be able to get some images of them in snow. Fortunately, heavy snowfall coincided with a weekend, so I was able to get out and make the most of it. I love using snow to get completely white backgrounds like this." © Oscar Dewhurst
"This was taken on the first YWPUK trip. Six of us met in London and we visited various Royal Parks. It suddenly began to snow when we were in Regents Park and this grey heron sat very still, looking rather unimpressed with the weather." © Danielle Connor
"Taken in my back garden during the first snow of that year. I didn't expect to see much due to the minus temperatures, but my wait was rewarded when this coal tit made a fleeting visit to the snow-covered branch." © Rebecca Bunce
"I had an image in mind which I wanted to capture - mist rising off the water with the golden sunrise and some waders in flight. Following an early alarm and a cold, dark walk to the Topsham bird hide, these godwits arrived and I got the shot I wanted!" © Olly Johnson
"In March 2018, armed with my camera, I went for a walk around my local park. Towards the end, a brief flurry of snow created a very wintry scene. I captured this Canada goose as it crossed the path in front of me." © Mya Bambrick
"During the winter, large numbers of siskins and redpolls will band together and fly between trees to feast on seeds. I followed this flock for a while, and particularly liked the silhouette of this individual siskin feeding from an aspen cone." © Freya Coursey
"I was walking home from school in December when I spotted 50+ redwings feeding on berries near my house. It was already getting quite dark. I rushed home, grabbed my camera and photographed the various wintering passerines feeding before dusk." © Danielle Connor
"This shag had decided to rest atop a seaweed-covered rock for the afternoon, but the incoming tide and lumpy easterly swell slowly encroached upon its perch and allowed for some atmospheric images as the waves crashed at its feet." © Ben Porter
"The 'blue hour' is the period of twilight in the morning before sunrise where photos taken in this time result in a predominantly blue shade. An early winter morning in the Suffolk fens allowed me to get this shot of a Eurasian bittern with a cold blue wintery feel." © Henry Page
"During the cold snap last winter, many ponds and lochs froze over. This wagtail was trying to make the most of it by picking insects off the surface of this frozen loch near Glasgow." © Freya Coursey
"I headed out to the local lake one morning which had frozen over with a thin layer of ice. I found this composition, with the morning light reflecting off the surface, and waited until a subject moved in; thankfully it didn't take long for these two swans to complete the shot!" © Toby Pickard
"With food sources for birds becoming harder to come by in autumn and winter, I worked on a project of repeatedly visiting a large clump of berry bushes local to my university - when this robin perched obligingly in front of me, the shot was irresistible!" © Matt Livesey
"As day turns to night the busy London streets quickly become the foxes' playground. I caught a glimpse of this fox before lying flat on the road, waiting for its inquisitive approach." © Olly Johnson
A red grouse wearing a jacket of frost. These birds are abundant in the landscapes of Scotland, but still such special little characters. Photographed at sunrise in the Scottish Cairngorms, late winter 2015.
A red grouse wearing a jacket of frost. These birds are abundant in the landscapes of Scotland, but still such special little characters. Photographed at sunrise in the Scottish Cairngorms, late winter 2015." © Eleanor Hilsdon

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