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Wildlife of the Peak District

Photographer Villager Jim has captured the beautiful landscapes and wildlife of the Peak District.

Pied wagtail with dinner for her young
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About the photographer

Villager Jim, the famous Peak District photographer, takes us on a journey to his very favourite places on the moors surrounding the Peak District National Park, where he lives.


From wonderful wild deer to breathtaking buzzards and other birds of prey, Jim allows us a glimpse of his daily moorland travels with all the abundant wildlife that lives in that part of the world.

Jim often concedes that it is his most favourite place on earth, being out alone with his camera within this unforgiving landscape, watching the sun rise on the horizon, whilst at the same time, seeing stags wander, grazing on the moorland.

"Living in the heart of the Peak District, I am spoiled on a daily basis by what nature gives. From sweeping barren moorlands to well-managed fields and country lanes teeming with wildlife, the landscapes are wonderfully diverse, offering distinctive scenes and moods with each season. My journeys with my camera encompass them all."

See more of Villager Jim's photographs on his Facebook page.


To view the images as a slideshow, click on the arrows in the top right hand corner of the photos below.

A young kestrel
A young kestrel bathed in the gentle spring light of Beeley Moor. © Villager Jim
Clarissa - JANUARY
A bird-shaped murmuration formed as starlings were being hunted by a peregrine falcon. © Villager Jim
Rolling mist near Curbar
A rolling mist near Curbar. © Villager Jim
Buttercup hares
Hares amongst the buttercups. © Villager Jim
One of my greatest pleasures of all is spotting a fox in the early morning, before the world wakes up. © Villager Jim
A blanket of snow covering the hills in foolow
A blanket of snow covering the hills behind Foolow. © Villager Jim
A4 Little Owl On Post
A little owl on a moorland post. This miniature of the owl species if more often spotted in daylight than its larger cousins. © Villager Jim
Sunrise in the peaks
Sunrise in the Peaks, golden dawn on Beeley moor. © Villager Jim
A male adder from the eastern moors, one of first to come out this year
Adders are not something you expect to see very often in the Peak District, but they are more common than you would think. © Villager Jim
The Hare and The Field of Gold-Edit
One of my favourite shots of the year, taken near Beeley and as i watched this hare dance around the crop i prayed he would sty in shot for a second or two as the field was so golden it simply had to come out a beautiful picture, which indeed it did I hope! © Villager Jim
Moorland Wildlife
© Villager Jim

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