Whether your bird identifier chart is adorning your wall or in your car's glove compartment ready to help you identify species while you're out and about, you can bet it's both beautiful and informative – a real work of art that allows you to absorb crucial information at a glance.

Here are some of the best bird identifier charts:

Best bird identification charts

Guide to Winter Coastal Birds

This stunning chart features 13 winter coastal birds, from the curlew with its beautifully cryptic plumage and magnificent probing bill, to the dumpy little knot, known to congregate in its thousands in huge wheeling flocks, and is perfect for honing your identification skills.

The illustrations are by renowned bird artist Mike Langman. Mike’s illustrations have featured in more than 80 books and numerous magazines including BBC Wildlife magazine and our sister title BBC Countryfile magazine.

And whether you keep it in your car or rucksack for birding trips or hang it on your wall at home it is a bit of a bargain.

Guide to Summer Coastal Birds is also for sale.

National Trust Bird ID Wall Hanging

best bird id charts

This garden bird chart from the National Trust is simply beautiful. It features illustrations by Dutch biologist and natural painter Elwin van der Kolk, along with the English and Latin names for each species featured, and whether it is a resident or migratory bird. Wooden batons at the top and bottom help protect the chart and keep it hanging straight. This chart would look stunning on any wall.

They also sell small booklet version.

Buy now from Birdfood.co.uk

Guide to British Birds of Prey Wall Chart

Birds of prey are simply magnificent and this foldable field chart captures their majestic beauty in full. It features the 15 different species of British birds of prey that breed in the UK, including the elusive and rare golden and white-tailed eagles, and has images of the birds in both perch and flight to aid identification.

It has been produced in conjunction with the Hawk and Owl Trust, and includes information on the habitat and range, size, status and flight pattern of each species.

The illustrations are by artist Simon Norman.

Common Garden Birds of Britain Poster

This A2 laminated poster features 12 common British garden birds from the colourful and instantly recognisable blue tit to the distinctive barn owl with its beautiful heart-shaped face.

As well as beautiful photographs the chart includes key information on each species and is perfect for the classroom or home and teaching children – or adults - all about the different birds that visit a British garden. Go on, pique their interest…