Sir David Attenborough – What a Wonderful World

Sir David Attenborough reads the lyrics to What a Wonderful World over stunning clips from the BBC's Natural History Unit.

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If you missed this treat on the final episode of Frozen Planet on Wednesday, this is your chance to enjoy the sound of Sir David Attenborough giving new meaning to the lyrics of Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World.
His unmistakeable intonation is accompanied by clips of wildlife film, courtesy of the BBC Natural History Unit.
I spotted the astonishing time-lapse sequence shot in an ancient oakwood in Devon from the last blockbuster – Life – in there, among clips from Frozen Planet and other blue-chip series. Can anyone else recognise the origin of any of the other clips?

I hope you enjoy it.
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One of my favourites is the baby polar bears so young that they are still in the den with their mother here.

Sophie Stafford is editor of BBC Wildlife Magazine.