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Best dinosaur gifts for adults and people of all ages

It's not just children that love dinosaurs, so why not treat the grown-up dino-fan in your life to one of these wonderful gifts? Enjoy great gift ideas from the team at BBC Wildlife magazine

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For those of us who never lost a childhood love of all things prehistoric, we’ve selected some of our favourite dinosaur gift ideas.


Here, we gather a selection of our favourite dinosaur clothing, household items and fun accessories.

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Best dinosaur gifts for adults and people of all ages

Silver Lilly Dinosaur Slippers

You don’t need to be a snappy dresser to impress in these dinosaur slippers. Rows of gnashing teeth give this fun footwear that inimitable T-Rex look, while that deadly stare is enough to stop you in your tracks. Your feet are surrounded by super-comfy foam, which keeps you warm and cosy, while traction dots on the sole gives the slippers plenty of grip.

But be warned, if you buy these as a gift for someone in your household, you’re going to struggle not to steal them back. All together now – open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur!

Fossil Forager Black Wallpaper

What do you give the person who has every dinosaur item imaginable? A room to put it all in – and with this stylish wallpaper from Dunelm’s Natural History Museum collection you can’t go wrong. The design features a modern illustration of minimalist dinosaur fossils, inspired by the museum’s own collections.

DeWanda Wise and Chris Pratt in (C) Universal Pictures film: Jurassic World Dominion (2022)

Jurassic Park Classic Logo Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt

Would you believe, it’s now some 30 years since the original (and, in our opinion, best) Jurassic Park movie roared its way onto the big screen. The thrill of that first T-Rex encounter feels as fresh today as it did back in 1993.

That’s how it is with iconic moments – they’re timeless, as this stylish hoodie celebrates. This 50% cotton/50% polyester hooded sweatshirt features the classic Jurassic Park logo, and is available in black, charcoal and white. It’s the perfect top to wear while running and screaming from a chasing pack of hungry velociraptors!

EmNarsissus Wooden Dinosaur Print Rolling Pin

This is such a simple idea, but is so effective. Dinosaurs carved into this wooden rolling pin instantly decorate your baking with dinosaurs. Great for making Apatosaurus pasties, Brachiosaurus biscuits or even Citipati chapatis!

Jeasona Cotton Cute Dinosaur Socks

These dinosaur socks are as comfy as they are cute. They’re a bargain too – each pack includes five pairs of brightly coloured socks with dinosaurs knitted into the design. Made from 80% cotton, 15% acrylic and 5% elastane, they’re fully machine washable.

Cast Iron Dinosaur Paper Towel Holder


Whoever it was that first saw the long neck of a sauropod and thought “That would make a great toilet roll holder” was clearly thinking outside the box! But it works. You could use this cast iron holder stand in the bathroom as a floor-standing tissue holder, or in the kitchen for kitchen towels. It’s certainly going to be an unexpected gift, but one that is both useful and fun.