Baby otter rescued after Storm Doris

The young otter was found by the side of a Derbyshire river calling for her mum, and was rescued by the RSPCA. 


It is thought that the cub, who has been named Daffi, was separated from her mum during Storm Doris. When she was initially found, she was lethargic and dragging her back legs.


An inspection by a vet found that she was suffering from a respiratory infection, but was otherwise fine, and she is now being cared for at a RSPCA wildlife centre in Cheshire.

Watch Daffi being bottle-fed by RSPCA staff

[video: width:623 height:360]

“Daffi is very sweet and she is feeding well,” said Lee Stewart, manager at the centre. “At the moment she is being bottle-fed Royal Canin milk formula six times a day.”

“When she has put on more weight, we will be able to start feeding her fresh trout.”

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