BBC One has revealed that Sir David Attenborough will be presenting The Green Planet, an upcoming five-part landmark series about the behaviour, stories and heroes of the plant world.


The Green Planet will air in 2021.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to explore a neglected yet truly remarkable part of the natural world,” says Attenborough.

“Once again, the innovative approach of the BBC Natural History Unit (NHU) and groundbreaking technology will reveal new and surprising wonders to the BBC One audience.”

The series will include fascinating plant stories from around the world; including seeds that can outlive civilisations, trees that care for each other, and plants that are as aggressive and dramatic as animals.

“This series will take viewers into a world beyond their imagination - see things no eye has ever seen,” says Mike Gunton, executive producer of The Green Planet, who has also been the executive producer for many of the BBC's previous series, including Planet Earth II and Dynasties.

“The world of plants is a mind-blowing parallel universe; one that we can now bring to life using a whole range of exciting new camera technology. This is Planet Earth for plants!”

The series will be filmed using the latest technological advances in time-lapse, thermal camera, and ultra-high-speed.

Filmed by the BBC NHU, the series will be shown on BBC One and PBS.


Main image: David Attenborough. © Sam Barker/BBC


Megan ShersbyNaturalist, writer and content creator