Tusker elephants have tusks weighing more than 45kg. There are thought to be only 21 tuskers left in east, central and southern Africa. © David Cayless/Getty

A tusker named Satao II was found by conservationists in January and it is thought that he was killed by poachers using poisoned arrows.

Satao II’s body was discovered in Tsavo East National Park during a routine aerial reconnaissance by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

“Although this is a very sad loss in every way we can take some positive from this in that Satao II’s carcass was indeed found with the ivory intact and recovered before it could fall into the wrong hands and further fuel the illegal ivory market,” said the Tsavo Trust, which helps to manage the park.

The wildlife conservation organisation has confirmed that the poaching gang responsible for Satao II’s death has been tracked and two poachers have been arrested.

Tsavo East National Park said that among the items found with the poachers were bows, poisoned arrows and an AK47.

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Megan ShersbyNaturalist, writer and content creator