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Pokémon Go inspires new wildlife app

Two university students have found a fresh way to encourage people to explore nature.

Published: November 8, 2017 at 10:52 am
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PocketPals is a new app that aims to connect people with wildlife by featuring virtual British species that users have to find.


It is inspired by the popular PokémonGo app, which gets players to collect Pokémon characters as they explore the world around them.

University of Exeter zoology student Danielle Connor and Falmouth University animation student Matt Brown created the app because they were frustrated by the broken bond between people and wildlife.


Danielle Connor (left) and Matt Brown (right) have developed the new app © PocketPals

While walking in a woodland in London, they realised that very few people were noticing the wildlife around them and this is where the idea for their app was formed.

“Children are becoming less connected with wildlife and natural environments,” says Connor.

The students hope PocketPals will inspire a new generation of animal lovers as it will allow players to develop their knowledge of different species found in the UK.

“Our app will encourage people to leave their homes and search for real wildlife while looking for virtual animals,” says Brown.


Players will be able to learn more about the behaviour, characteristics and conservation status of the British wildlife species included in the app © PocketPals

The app has been modelled in a low poly style, which was popular in early 2000s, to give the game a retro look.


It will be released in summer 2018 and will be free to download, on both iOS and Android. Find out more about the app on its website.


Megan ShersbyEditorial and digital co-ordinator at BBC Wildlife Magazine, and

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