RSPCA officer otter-ly surprised

The baby otter was rescued from a garden after getting lost in bad weather.


A young male otter was found in early January in a garden in Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, half a kilometre from the nearest river and looking disorientated.


He was picked up by the RSPCA, who checked him over for injuries and took him to a wildlife hospital to be rehabilitated, and eventually released.

“When the call came in, I was so sure that it couldn’t be an otter as there is no river nearby,” says RSPCA animal collection officer Grace Mead.

“He must have gotten separated from his mother, and then as a result was lost and disorientated, possibly because of the heavy wind and rain we have had.”

As he is quite young, the RSPCA believe that he is too young to fend for himself and he will be looked after the wildlife hospital before being released back into the wild.


The otter will be looked after at a wildlife hospital © RSPCA