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7 The largest living land mammal, native to Africa and Asia (8)

9 Moth of the family Geometridae, widespread in the UK (3, 3)

10 The painted ___ butterfly is also known as the cosmopolitan (4)

11 Pit viper whose name comes from the French for ‘spearhead’ (3-2-5)

12 Large woodland deer native to India and South-East Asia (6)

14 US state in which the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve is located (8)

15 The process of replanting depleted woodlands (13)

17 US conifers that share their name with a highly poisonous plant (8)

18 Coquet ___ is an RSPB reserve off Amble, Northumberland, known for its puffins and roseate terns (6)

20 Order of insects that includes crickets and grasshoppers (10)

22 Flying mammals such as the pipistrelle and vampire (4)

23 Middle Eastern country to which the hula painted frog is endemic (6)

24 Fish-like marine creature with a slender body that is also known as amphioxus. It is usually found half- buried in sand (8)


1 Long-haired South American mammal related to the llama (6)

2 River of north-east Scotland, noted for its salmon (4)

3 Shrub or small tree Viburnum lantana that can be found growing by roads in the UK (8)

4 The ___ toad was introduced to Australia in the 1930s (4)

5 Antarctic seabird that may be snowy or black-faced (10)

6 The North American wildflower Dicentra cucullaria is commonly known as ___’s breeches (8)

8 The small ___ is a well known orange- and-black butterfly (13)

13 American sea duck related to the goldeneye; males are black and white (10)

15 Grass of the genus Lolium with tough dark-green leaves (8)

16 Technical term for the bird life of a habitat, region or geological period (8)

19 Evergreen tree of Indonesia from which spices are derived (6)

21 Tropical or sub-tropical plant of the family Arecaceae (4)

22 Flying insects, important in pollination, some of which produce honey (4)

Main image: Atlantic puffin at Duncansby Head, in Scotland, UK. © Sam Langlois


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