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6 The two species of ___ sloth of Central and South America are Linnaeus’s and Hoffmann’s (3-4)

7 The larvae of the ___ fly feed on crops including garlic and other bulbs (5)

9 Bird such as the corncrake, moorhen and coot (4)

10 Common seed-eating garden bird, named for its bright plumage (10)

11 The ___ eel can shock its prey (8)

13 Multicellular organism – nota plant or a fungus (6)

15 Fairy ___ near Inverness is a woodland RSPB reserve (4)

17 Small, yellow finch, related to the canary, that visits south and east England in small numbers (5)

18 Long-horned antelope living in arid regions of Africa and Arabia (4)

19 The ___ tree is a species of yucca native to south-west USA (6)

20 Plant with violet-blue petals that can form thick carpets in old woodland (8)

23 Geological era in which most invertebrate life evolved and the first reptiles appeared (10)

26 Extinct flightless birds once found in New Zealand (4)

27 Endangered short-tailed baboon found in Cameroon and Nigeria (5)

28 US state, home to the Petrified Forest National Park (7)


1 Rare fish of the Indian Ocean, considered extinct until the 1930s (10)

2 The European ___ is the largest eel in the world (6)

3 Ipstones ___ in Staffordshire is a heathland nature reserve (4)

4 The ___ ash Sorbus aucuparia is also known as the rowan (8)

5 Flightless bird of New Zealand whose egg, relative to the size of its body, is the largest of any bird species (4)

6 A nature ___ is a signed pathway that introduces visitors to local flora and fauna (5)

8 The part of a flower where sugar-rich liquid is produced (7)

12 Evergreen shrub or tree, sometimes called locust bean, widely cultivated for its edible pods used to make a chocolate substitute (5)

14 Stiff, shrubby grass Ferrocalamus strictus, endemic to southern China (4, 6)

16 Big cat of Africa and southern Asia (7)

17 Flowering plant of the family Apiaceae, native to many European coastlines (3, 5)

21 A sea ___ is a small, spiny marine creature of the class Echinoidea (6)

22 Long-stemmed, woody vine of tropical and temperate forests (5)

24 ___ grassland is a tussocky habitat with nutrient-poor soils (4)

25 The ___ flower Lachenalia aloides is native to South Africa (4)

Main image: Coots. © Matt Staniek


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