BBC Wildlife 33

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7 Tree of the family Sapindaceae with winged seeds or ‘keys’ and colourful autumn foliage (5)

8 Cliff-nesting auk best seen in nesting colonies (9)

10 Charles ___, author of On The Origin of Species (1859) (6)

11 Male birds related to the pheasant with showy tail-feathers (8)

12 Country in which the Deosai National Park was founded in order to protect the Himalayan brown bear (8)

13 Long-horned desert antelope with dark markings on its face (4)

15 Red-headed duck that forms large flocks in winter (7)

17 Substance produced by social insects of the genus Apis and used to make candles (7)

20 Fish of the jack family Carangidae; also called pompano (4)

22 Woodland RSPB reserve in the Forest of Dean (8)

25 Blood-sucking flying insect (8)

26 Spotted big cat native to Central and South America (6)

27 Scottish name for the bilberry Vaccinium myrtillus (9)

28 Flowering shrub that may be fragrant, poison or winged (5)


1 Islands visited in 1835 by 10 across (9)

2 Marine fish known for puffing up its body when threatened (8)

3 ___ spiders belong to the family Salticidae and usually hunt in the day (7)

4 Commercially important tuna of warm seas also known as longfin (8)

5 Stachys officinalis – plant of mint family that bears spikes of showy purple flowers (6)

6 Broadleaved plants of the genus Rumex; related to the sorrels (5)

9 Small wading bird with striking red summer plumage; uses UK estuaries as feeding grounds (4)

14 Falcon-like raptors of South America; could be red-throated or striated (9)

16 Birds of prey with a forked tail; reintroduced to England in the late 20th century (3, 5)

18 Genus of peat mosses (8)

19 European principality, home to bears, wolves and Pyrenean chamois (7)

21 ___ Island known for its puffins; off the coast of Northumberland (6)

23 Edible red fruit of a species of boxthorn, which is also called wolfberry and widely cultivated in China (4)

24 Tree-dwelling Australian marsupial (5)

Main image: Puffin at Bempton Cliffs in Yorkshire, UK. © Frame the Wild

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