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8 Tree of the soapberry family that bears small rounded fruits with white flesh and reddish skin (6)

9 A spider or scorpion, perhaps (8)

10 Malham ___ is a wetland reserve in North Yorkshire; also a lake (4)

11 An owl, falcon or eagle (4, 2, 4)

12 See 27 Down

13 Large North American gamebird that may be greater or gunnison (4-6)

17 Gregarious small dabbling duck; males have green eyepatches and chestnut-coloured heads (4)

18 The final and fully adult stage of an insect (5)

19 ___ ants are notable for their large predatory foraging groups (4)

21 Venomous rockpool animal (3, 7)

23 The ___ monster is a lizard native to the USA and Mexico (4)

24 Small jumping insect whose nymphs cover themselves with froth known as cuckoo-spit (10)

28 River in north-east England on which the Portrack Marsh and Bowesfield Nature Reserves stand (4)

29 Plant in the mallow family with showy, trumpet-shaped flowers; native to subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world (8)

30 The ___ bird of paradise is native to the rainforests of New Guinea; males carry a two-pronged, iridescent blue shield on their breasts (6)


1 Broadleaved deciduous tree that distributes its seeds as ‘keys’ (8)

2 Critically Endangered rodent related to the viscacha (10)

3 County in which most of the Peak District National Park is found (10)

4 Large bovine of South Asia, also known as the Indian bison or seladang (4)

5 The ___ shark may be longfin or shortfin; the latter is a visitor to UK waters (4)

6 The ___worm is a long-bodied clam known for boring into wood that is in seawater (4)

7 Nocturnal forest mammals of Africa and Asia that produce a musky scent (6)

14 Excrement of seabirds (5)

15 Straggling plant also known as cleavers, sticky willow and robin-run-the-hedge (10)

16 Butterflies in the family Pieridae, named for the male’s brightly coloured wingtips; commonly seen in spring and summer (6-4)

20 Flowering deciduous tree or bush, notable as the preferred food of the silkworm (8)

22 Insect that has a pair of pincers on its abdomen (6)

25 The ___ hypothesis views the Earth as a self-regulating community of organisms (4)

26 Another name for the killer whale (4)

27/12 Lepidopteran that lays its eggs on willows and poplars (4, 4)

Main image: Tawny owl perching on branch, England, UK. © Mike Pearce/Getty


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