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8 Member of the crow family, known for its noisy communal nesting sites (4)

9 Fruit of the oak (5)

10 In falconry, a young hawk taken from the nest for training (4)

11 The small ___ butterfly has brown spots and a brown margin (6)

12 ___ Park in London is known for its red and roe deer (8)

13 Genus of mosses found in peat bogs, marshland, heath and moorland (8)

15 Herbaceous plant that has jagged leaves covered with stinging hairs (6)

17 The kookaburra is often referred to as the laughing ___ (7)

19 Greyish-brown duck found across Eurasia and North America (7)

22 A bloom or blossom (6)

24 Thick-billed finch that eats seeds and cherry stones (8)

26 The black and yellow striped ___ beetle is a pest to potato crops (8)

28 Northern name for the lapwing (6)

30 The ___worm is a beetle larva widely eaten by garden birds (4)

31 Small, silvery fish of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, related to the salmon and trout (5)

32 Vegetable of the genus Allium, also a Welsh national emblem (4)


1 Extinct, flightless bird found on Mauritius until the late 17th century (4)

2 Species of tuna fish, also known as the arctic or oceanic bonito (8)

3 Network of burrows (6)

4 Freshwater, brightly coloured fish native to Asia, often kept in aquaria (7)

5 Semiaquatic snake; boa family (8)

6 The ___ crab occupies the discarded shells of other marine creatures (6)

7 The singing of birds at daybreak is known as the ___ chorus (4)

14 Prized structure of calcium carbonate produced by a clam (5)

16 This Eurasian shrub or small tree has clusters of white, pink or violet flowers; popular in gardens (5)

18 The European eel migrates to the ___ Sea to spawn (8)

20 Tiny insect of the family Aleyrodidae that can damage plants (8)

21 Swan species that closely resembles the Bewick’s swan (7)

23 The hairy caterpillar of the tiger moth is also known as a ___ bear (6)

25 Deer native to North America – called elk in USA (6)

27 Richard ___ (1804–92) established the Natural History Museum (4)

29 Wild, hardy mountain goat (4)

Main image: Lapwing. © Gary Chalker/Getty


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