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1 ___ plants are members of the genus Lithops and resemble small stones (6)

4 The ___ owl of Southern Europe has mottled plumage and small ear tufts (5)

9 Scottish island noted for its large red deer population (4)

10 The ___ pond turtle takes its name from the South-East Asian country to which it is endemic (10)

11 Slim, hanging flower cluster that is produced by trees such as willows (6)

12 Thickly forested European country, home to bears, wolves and lynx (8)

13 Protective coverings that marine molluscs have (9)

15 Vegetable of the genus Allium that can make your eyes water (5)

17 The swift, plunging flight of a falcon in pursuit of its prey (5)

19 A tree or plant with wide, flat leaves, or the name of a type of woodland (9)

22 Tree___ are insect-eating, woodland birds; short-toed for example (8)

24 Large Arctic-dwelling mammal with a heavy coat and distinctive smell (4, 2)

26 Widely persecuted British raptor; female also known as ringtail (3, 7)

27 Wading bird with a long downcurved bill; family Threskiornithidae (4)

28 Confusingly named Devon river that is recently home to beavers (5)

29 Larva of bluebottle used as bait (6)


1 A bird’s covering of feathers (7)

2 The ___ redstart nests in industrial complexes and derelict buildings (5)

3 Highly aromatic flowering plant with blue or violet flowers (8)

5 Major African river in which African manatees, crocodiles and giant tigerfish can be found (5)

6 Low-growing annual plant that is also known as poor man’s barometer (9)

7 Small, fierce predatory mammal that is related to the stoat (6)

8 The ___ curlew was a migratory wader, widely persecuted by hunters and now considered extinct (6)

14 Small insect-eating songbird of heath and grassland; call sounds like two stones being tapped together (9)

16 Tall unbranched plant of tropical and warm regions (4, 4)

18 Forest bird of the Americas, related to the pheasant and junglefowl; also associated with Christmas (6)

20 Country in which the Baikal Nature Reserve and the Great Arctic State Nature Reserve are located (6)

21 Lethally poisonous flowering plant that is also called wolfsbane (7)

23 The nest of an eagle (5)

25 Wader of the family Recurvirostridae that sports a thin bill together with extremely long legs (5)

Main image: Brown bear. © Marco Secchi/Getty


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